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CloudPeppers – Who We Are

CloudPeppers is a tracking and monitoring platform for families who want to be aware of the activities of their near and dear ones.


Believe that good smartphone options for kids do not exist.


Believe that cell phone addiction is a real problem.


Concerned about internet safety and digital predators.

CloudPeppers is here to protect your family from online threats and make sure they are always in a safer place.

Our Mission and Vision

Working as a trusted technology and platform advisor to our clients and community, our mission is to support every client by providing innovative and superior end-to-end mobility platform solutions.

Equipped with mobility and technology expertise, unparalleled data intelligence, superior technology, and expert guidance, your businesses can effectively establish and advance their technology initiatives.


“With CloudPeppers you’ll have peace of mind by connecting your family together.”

Supervise and Protect your family with CloudPeppers – Helps you track all kinds of data in a single platform. You can monitor Location, Texts, Apps, Call History, Browsing History & Much more!

CloudPeppers takes only a few minutes to get started. Now available for iOS & Android platforms.

Location Tracking

Track your children & other family members’ location. In an emergency, your family can use Panic Button to call for help!


Create safety zones for family members.


Get alert notifications when family members leave or enter the designated areas.

Application Controller & Social Monitoring

Identify and Block unwanted games & apps you don’t want to be running on your children’s device. Also, limit their social media usage.

Track Calls & SMS

Monitor Calls and Texts and set a list of blocked contacts.

Internet Activity

Monitor the internet history and block any negative searches.
  • Payments

    Pay conveniently for the services you choose

  • Communications

    CloudPeppers alerts you by communicating through an email, SMS and/or Push Notification

  • Location

    You can now know where your kids, elders, and pets are with location details via Geo fencing, Family Locator, Device Tracking, and Panic Button with a Location Tracking GPS system.

  • Others

    You can also do Mobile Device Management

    • • Limit Screen Time
    • • See Device Usage details
    • • Manage Approved Contacts
    • • Filter Search Content
    • • Set Alarms & Reminders



CloudPeppers is easy fun and 100% effective with your family. It helps to create healthy digital habits and helps to balance screen time & family time. It also frames different safety zones for family members & track them down.


CloudPeppers helps us stay connected with our elders all the time. It creates safety zones and provides instant notification in case of any activity outside the defined safety zones.

Our Team

CloudPeppers by UnfoldLabs is all about innovation, passion and creativity. We have an experienced team with expertise in mobile, cloud and new product development/innovation. We can take you from pure ideation to complete product development and marketing, ensuring a high level of success.

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